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 Climate change is an existential threat to our community. Our city needs to take the lead in resilience and provide for a robust response to the climate crisis on the First Coast. We are committed to protecting the quality of the air, water, and native ecosystems. Sound environmental protection policies ensure a healthy environment for sustaining residents.

Climate change presents a clear and imminent threat to our community;

  • Advocate for sustainable infrastructure investment, including drainage, removing of septic tanks, and sound resilience in flood-prone neighborhoods;

  • Support fair and transparent zoning policy that protects all residents of the city — preventing urban sprawl and incentives to redevelopment over new development;

  • Encourage policy that recognizes the impact of development across all our neighborhoods and community;

  • Advocate new clean air and water policy and the enforcement of existing protections;

  • Support proactive inclusion of residents and neighborhoods in the development process, and allow for additional transparency for greater inclusion.

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